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We are the leading tourism web portal in Africa linking high quality information data on Africa’s e-finest tourist destinations with unmatched content and online traffic across the continent and indeed around the world!


As the top web site in our category, offers advertisers a premium environment and a highly distinguished and unique online brand space.

Crucial content: links/publishes thousands of highly selected corporate web pages from reputable tourism and industry related businesses in and outside Africa. These business establishments are believed to be some of Africa’s highly potential tourist circuits and destinations suitable for leisure, medical and business travelers. We further qualify the content/information to be reliable, accurate and dependable for highly informed decision-making. No other site does what we do. This broad scope of Africa Tourism content is found only on your favorite web platform, Africa Tourism Web Portal. We are determined with your full support to take tourism to the next level, make it more exciting and breath-taking experience year in year out!

Media Partnership
Africa Tourism Web Portal invites partnership with leading online publishers and aspires to work closely with such international media houses on topical issues related to tourism in Africa that will interest our audience and target groups.

Commercial Clientele
Our commercial clientele include: hotels, lodges and resorts, airlines, travel agents, tour operators, banks, telecommunications including mobile phone companies, governments, public and private institutions, hospitals, travel insurance, airports and airports authorities among many others.

User’s Profile/Audience
Africa Tourism Web Portal website reaches a very attractive potential market characterized by mostly local and international travelers, investors, policy-makers, governments and government institutions, researchers and academic scholars, NGOs, hotels, lodges and resorts, tour operators and agents, airlines, banks, car hire among others. This group cut across all age groups of young, middle through to the seniors. Others include individuals and groups as well as the international media and organizations.

Perceived Advertising Benefits

  1. Local, regional and international traffic is quite significant and accounts for appreciable volume of the overall site traffic.
  2. Africa Tourism Web Portal is rapidly becoming a dominant player on the African and global internet scene emerging a major online information data source on tourism in Africa for people at home, office, on holiday in Africa, abroad and around the world.
  3. Our web Portal shall soon be available to internet users, our audience as well as general public in more than 20 (twenty) different foreign languages.
  4. The popular Africa Tourism Web Portal is a powerful and vital online directory useful for reaching all interest groups, travelers and international business community, public and private sector groups, policy makers, researchers, academic scholars, etc hence commanding huge online traffic throughout the day, 24/7.
  5. Direct link from to the advertisers own website through our highly selected investment plan packages and product ads constantly record considerable click-throughs that clearly demonstrates that the advertisers’ ad becomes a real attention grabber.
  6. The internet gives every advertiser unlimited space unlike other media that are limited and restricted by space. The unlimited space allows and gives the advertiser, in this case, your business flexibility for more detailed and highly informed ad message intended for a greater target audience.
  7. The internet through is dynamic and interactive that allows the advertiser to build a one-to-one business relationship through customized messages as well as direct feedback.
  8. The internet is still an uncrowded medium in Africa today compared to other parts of the world. So when you run or place relevant advertisements with Africa Tourism Web Portal then your message easily and quickly gets through to your target audience.
  9. Advertising on Africa Tourism Web Portal platform is important and rewarding because customers, both existing and prospective simply expect visionary and forward-looking businesses and organizations like yours to register a strong online corporate web presence that matches her corporate brand name, vision and image.
  10. Finally, Africa Tourism Web Portal is currently enjoying an extremely strong and rich web presence in Kenya, USA, UK, East Africa, Africa and the world over making it a channel of choice to millions of users, and a highly competitive online advertising media suitable for marketing quality international brand names.