Tourism development supported by growth in the country’s economy

Despite political instability in the region, Chad registered a good economic performance, with GDP growth of 7.2%, in 2012 and a projected increase of 7.4% in 2013. Growth in oil production should boost export revenue over the forecast period and could help finance the government’s public investment plan, as part of its strategy to make Chad an emerging economy. Tourism in Chad is a relatively minor industry, yet the government is increasingly taking steps to direct its energies and resources towards the growth and diversification of the country’s travel products, improving infrastructure and travel accommodation, as well as investing in programs to attract tourists. The country has been present at different tourism exhibitions and had outstanding visibility at the African Fare in Paris in April 2013 with the French president participating in the event.

Boom in Travel accommodation supported by business tourism

After oil extraction and production companies were installed in the country, increased business exchange led to the further development of travel accommodation; in particular, several hotels were opened to satisfy the expectations of international travelers. Following a government plan at the end of 2011, the country has focused its attention on the development of a new quarter in the capital city N’Djamena, with the construction of new luxury hotels starting in 2012.