About Us

The Leo Africanus website started as a small weblog showcasing the best of Africa. From wonderful cities and towns to incredible places of unique beauty that tourists visit, we share a lot about the second largest continent.

Though Africa has been known mainly for bad causes such as hunger, famine, poverty, HIV AIDS and wars, this blog aims at showcasing the truth about Africa. The good side of Africa is inexplainable; the good and welcoming people, interesting culture, unique places for tourism including safari parks, heritage sites, natural monuments, etc.

On this blog, we are to travel from cities to cities discovering unique things about Africa, the rapid development and changes happening right now on the African continent etc.

The pictures also challenge the dominant angle in the media reporting about Africa. Instead of disasters, famine and poverty this blog  depicts the hyper urban lifestyle, the fast-growing middle class work and leisure, unique things that pull people from other continents to Africa and indeed after getting all this information you will agree that Africa is not the dark continent that many think that it is!